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We are an international agency

We offer specialized advice to fulfill your desire to live, study, and work abroad in our main destinations: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.


We act as intermediaries between our students and the different institutions that offer the study experience in each destination such as colleges, English schools, and universities. Additionally, we support you in the process of organizing the registration requirements, mandatory student health insurance, and application of the corresponding visa.

"Our job is to provide you with constant support throughout your process, from the choice of destination, preparation of your study plan, and adaptation to the new country, so that you are able to live a unique experience".

Our purpose

Our purpose is to support you in your study process and stay in whatever your destination is: Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.


We provide you with important support and information so that you can understand and join the different cultures, customs and habits of each destination. We support you to live unforgettable and unique experiences while you do your studies.

Image by Matese Fields

How do we do it?

At Linking Connections, we offer you an efficient and friendly service from all the members of our team and the schools we represent. As agents, we understand that being an international student in a foreign country requires a high emotional, economic, physical and even family investment. For this reason, our main objective is to support you so that you can successfully complete your studies in the country of your choice and at the same time enjoy this life experience.

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