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Current Measures


The Australian Government has closed all borders for people who wish to travel to the country. Only Australian citizens, permanent residents, and / New Zealand citizens can enter the country and must stay in a period of quarantine for 14 days. There are other exceptions for people who wish to enter which are assessed case by case by Immigration. This policy has been in effect since March 23, 2020.
Additionally, the Government has determined that non-essential business and work activities should close indefinitely until future news. The establishments that are authorized to continue operating are Banks, Post Office, pharmacies, supermarkets, and health centers.


It has announced the closure of all entry borders to the country. Only New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, Australian citizens, or permanent residents who normally live in the country can enter the country. Likewise, schools and institutions of higher education have been closed as part of contingency measures. Businesses not considered essential must cease their activities to comply with the measures implemented by the government.

If you are an International Student

in Australia or New Zealand

If your visa is expiring soon, you must apply for a new visa before your current visa ends and you may be granted a Bridging visa while you wait for a final decision.
Study visas can NOT be extended, you must apply for a new visa meeting all the requirements of the embassy.


In the event that your school closes its doors, you must contact your agency and/or school, to determine the continuation of your course or establish a new date for restarting.

If you have a current study visa in Australia, but you are outside the country (vacation, visiting your family and/or friends) you must contact your school to defer your studies.

In case you require more time to complete your studies, but your visa expires first, you must apply for a new visa and obtain a new confirmation of enrollment letter.

Keep in mind that the processing of visas and the time stipulated for them will be affected by the situation of Covid-19.

If you find yourself outside

Australia or New Zealand

In case your course is about to start (April, May) we recommend changing the start date considering a prudent time of up to 3 months or more.


You must contact the school and/or agency to make the corresponding changes in your mandatory medical insurance.


Unless you already have flight reservations, it is better to wait for the situation to normalize before making the purchase of tickets. If you want to cancel your study plan after having paid the costs of courses, medical insurance and/or others, we recommend that you contact the school and agency to find out about the process to follow.


If you were planning to apply for a study visa to travel to any of these two destinations, Australia or New Zealand; We recommend you rethink and analyze your plans very well or postpone your travel date for 6 months or a little more.


Covid-19 is a situation that has affected the majority of countries worldwide, for which the economy, job opportunities and social interaction will suffer a great impact in the near future. Therefore, it would be a wise decision if you decide to postpone these plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the measure imposed by the government on the closing of the borders be?

Both Australia and New Zealand governments have established border closure, which was a statement that is currently in effect, however; Neither country has confirmed how long this rule will be in effect.

2. What if I am in Australia or New Zealand and my visa expires soon, but I do not want to extend my stay?

At the moment Australia does not have restrictions for people who want to leave the country, however, Covid-19 is a situation that has led most countries to close their borders and thus some airlines are forced to close their services. Before making this decision you must confirm if you can access the purchase of tickets, and also inquire if your country has restrictions on entry and travel to it.


3. I am in Australia and my visa is expiring soon, I want to apply for a new one. Will I have a problem?

Currently, Immigration Australia continues to process applications for study visas, because to date the government has not mentioned any restriction for this specific visa. However, you should consider that since your visa is subject to enrollment in a course and college, there are currently changes in teaching methodologies due to the fact that most schools are offering online classes. For more information or to talk about your specific case, you can contact us to help you in the process.


4. Has the Australian government offered any financial aid to international students?

According to information provided by Immigration, the Australian government has not determined any specific monetary aid for international students. However, this aspect is within the discussion points in the National Cabinet.


5. Does the student health insurance cover me in case I get COVID-19?

This depends on the health insurance company you have as well as on the level of risk of the contagion. We recommend you read the conditions and coverage of your insurance again, to be informed about the case.


6. Australia and New Zealand have stopped receiving international students and will all visa applications be rejected?

Australia: Visa applications continue to be processed, however, waiting and evaluation times may vary and/or extend taking into account current Covid-19 conditions. The criteria for the approval and/or denial of visas depend on the fulfillment of the requirements and the submission of the supporting documents for each application.

New Zealand: All immigration offices for New Zealand that are in other countries have been closed and Immigration is only responding to specific aspects and cases related to Covid-19.

General recommendations

Wash your hands with water and soap

Wear a mask in case you have a cough or are sick

Avoid social encounters

Maintain proper cleaning habits

Stay at home

Take care of your mental health

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Do yoga to relax

Reading with Coffee

Read something that motivates you



Bread and Salad

Eat healthy

thumbnail_large (1)music.jpg

Listen to your favorite songs

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Take advantage of social networks to talk with your family and friends

Other sources of help and information

Immigration Australia

Department of Home Affairs Australia:


New Zealand Immigration

Immigration New Zealand:


OSCH Medical Insurance for International Students





COVID-19 general statistics and conditions in each country

World Health Organization:


NSW Government hotline

24/7 services by calling 13 77 88 .


International Student Welfare Services Hub

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